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 Ideas for next print Wild West Show

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lichking Martin Blazko

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PostSubject: Ideas for next print Wild West Show   Sun 12 Apr 2015, 18:43

I suggest to print 2 version of character of some characters(one - original, second - balanced). Let players to choose which one they want to play|add to character pool.

1, Flint Westwood [4 life points]Once per your turn, you may trade one card from hand for one random card from any player's hand.

2, Greygory Deck [3 life point]

3, Lee Van Kliff[4 life points] Once per your turn, you may discard BANG card to repeat effect of last played brown-border card.

4, John Pain [4 life point] Decrease number from unless you have 6 card to unless you have [4-5] cards.

Rest characters are OK.
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Ideas for next print Wild West Show
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